Introduction: Level 2

Leadership Once all 450-550 applications are processed, you as a delegate, are assigned several characteristics which you will ‘play’ while at Boys State. First, you are assigned to either the Nationalist or Federalists party. The Nationalist party is generally more liberal and the Federalists party is generally more conservative. The average Nationalists would think that government plays an important part in keeping people and businesses operating in a fair and honest way. The average Federalists would think that government should have a less significant role in the daily lives of people and that free enterprise keeps people and businesses operating in a fair and honest way.
Leadership Which system is better? In all honesty, neither by itself would function well for long. The dream of the founders of this great democracy was that the best government lay somewhere between the extremes of each political party. However, they knew that the political parties would play a significant role by constantly putting their message forth into the public arena, or marketplace, of ideas.
Leadership Today, just as as Hayes Kennedy and Harrold Card saw over 70 years ago, the youth of America can be easily discouraged by people peddling the truth wrapped up in easy answers which require little work grappling with complex issues and which see compromise between extremes as a sign of weakness rather than strength. To that end, Boys State still fills an important role in the education of emerging political minds.
Leadership You will also be assigned a race (regardless of your actual race). At Boys State we have two races, the blue race and the red race. For many of you this will be your first chance to see what it feels like to be a minority. For others of you, this will be the first time you will have the chance to experience what being a member of the majority race is like.
Leadership Beyond party affiliation and race, you will be assigned to a City and a County. Those assignments have no connection with where you actually live in Kansas. We do our best to make certain that you do not live on the same floor with people from your high school or city so that you have the chance to work without anyone having any prior opinions about you. Within your City and County you will have a job. That job is part of the major computer simulation you will play during the week.
It works together this way.
Leadership Let’s say you live in Bradley County and you work for the city as a police officer, and you are a member of the minority race. The city council will have to make a budget given its resources, and your position, or the position of someone you know may be cut if taxes are not increased. Of course, in this case you would support a tax increase. The owners of business within your city and county, however, are not as happy about the tax increase because it will mean that they will make less money and subsequently may have to lay off people in order to stay in business. This means that another person or group of people may be out of a job. However, the business has a great deal of pull with the Governor because they contributed heavily to his campaign. The business may also be part of an Association which has even more influence in the government. What will happen? Is there a way you could solve this problem so that everyone keeps their job?
Leadership The bottom line is that you won’t find this story problem on an ACT or SAT test. However, it is real and it is one small example of the kinds of issues you will face at Boys State. Each day your City and County will be given projects which will call for a great deal of action at all levels of government. There are no right or wrong answers, but each answer, or series of answers, has consequences. The computer program we have designed to simulate the economy will take into account each city and county ordinance as well as all state laws and then adjust accordingly. So, some action in one part of the state (i.e. blocking the major water source for the state which flows from west to east) could have disasterous effects on some other part of the state. The cities or counties involved may call for hearings and ask for the legislature to intervene.

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