Anime Tax Struck Down

Boys State 2018 has experienced a massive backlash against anime, a type of Japanese animation, with the height of the hatred encompassing in a proposed bill that would add a 30.69% tax on anime video services. The bill was, however, shot down with a 4:27 vote.
House representative Dane Thompson and writer of the bill stated that “we want weeaboos (American fans of japanese culture) to get better.” He went on to speak of the thought process behind the bill with the common idea of helping society.  Thompson, when discussing anime fans, stated we want to “push them away from anime.”
The bill was in no way banning anime itself, but rather it be shifted to be seen as a vice that people need rehabilitation to overcome.
The anti-anime bill was shot down with opponents from both parties criticizing it for a lack of seriousness. Dane Thompson believed this may be because they are anime fans themselves.
Thompson ended the interview with a heartfelt comment saying “if I can deter one person from watching anime then I consider this a success.” This is boys state at its very core, a large gathering of young men that want to use unique tactics to fight the downfalls of society.

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