Assault Lawsuit Ends with Gatorade Transfer

On Wednesday, District Judge for Bradley County sued a man under false allegations of assault by a Bradley County citizen. The District Judge for Bradley County was walking through Kramer when he was approached by a man with a makeshift sling around his arm and shoulder. When the judge questioned the man about his state, the man claimed he had been assaulted by a man named Luke from Bradley County, and he wanted to sue. The judge gave the man his information, and hours later received a message from the man.

The message said the assaulted man wanted to sue this Luke character for charges of assault. The only problem is Luke does not exist, no one in Bradley County has that name. After the judge questioned the man about this, it was confirmed that the allegations were false and were an attempt to scam some money off an unexpected victim.

Bradley County District judges do not dilly-dally around when it comes to serving justice. The judge screenshotted the false allegations and decided to sue the man. It was taken to court and the falsely assaulted man lost the case. Another problem arose, the liar was flat broke, his available balance was $0.00. The District would not leave justice unserved. The next move was to take his house. Unfortunately there is nothing in the system that allows one to take property, so they dropped his property value to $0.00 and forced the false accuser to buy the District Judge a gatorade. Lies have consequences people. Be honest, or you might have to buy a 20 oz Glacier Freeze gatorade for a high ranking legal professional.

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