Editor’s Corner: Lawsuits

By Sam Dannenberg

First things first, it is important to note that this story is being written on Wednesday, the third full day of boys state. A new agenda has emerged within the ranks of departments and that is the lawsuit-happy culture. The banks, multiple counties, the state as a whole, and your very own Staters Union have all been tagged with lawsuits.
This is what happens when 500 16-18 year old boys are locked in a campus for a week. Boys State has turned into Mad Max, man vs. man, department vs. department, you vs. the state. The easiest way to assert dominance over these antagonists (within Boys State) is to sue.
T posing should be enough to prove that a man has testosterone flowing, there is no point to file case after case for every little mishap or flaw. Boys State political culture needs to evolve and adapt to use words to fix issues instead of suing through a mediator party. There is no place here for immature misuse of the legal system, this is not Canada.

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