Editor’s Corner: Peitz

Love still exists, people, and it is thriving within Boys State. Just like the US and UK during WW2, Powell County and Seitz County are bonded in an covenant to the death. This communion of brothers is taking the state by storm. As a proud member of Powell County it is nice to say we have an ally in this crazy place.
This brotherhood started developing on day one, when our neighboring counties passed legislation to benefit one another in a symbiotic relationship. Then the tables turned, Seitz filed a lawsuit against Powell. Both parties than sat down to speak about the issue with a possibility of settlement. The two countries agreed that there was no division between them and from there an infatuation with the other began. The alliance solidified as lawsuit rumors hit the Stater Union which published the controversial information. This in turn led to a lawsuit against us, which was settled with a $10,000 fee to Powell. In the end the controversy gave the counties much needed time to bond over their mutual hatred of the media.
The most current development into this story is the possible merging of the counties. At the time of this story being written it has not passed through the house. The formation of Peitz Country will be a legendary event within Boys State.

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