Thank you for your interest in the 2020 session at Kansas State University, in Manhattan.

To register for the 2020 Session of Kansas Boys State you must be a male, currently in your Junior year of high school during the 2019-20 school year (with at least one semester remaining next fall).

By proceeding, the assumption is that you meet those requirements.

This process will only take a few minutes. Once you complete the form and click ‘submit’ your file is sent to our office.

Once the information is reviewed for accuracy (and we will contact you via e-mail if we have questions) you will receive a two page .pdf file which will look something like this:

Our preference would be that when you print this out, rather than sending in two separate pages, you print the first page on one side of a clean sheet of paper and the second page on the other side.

There are places on the front page (page 1) for you and your parents to sign.

If you need to update any information, you will need to click here to e-mail the office and provide the updated information. A new .pdf will then be e-mailed to your account.

On the back side (lower part of page 2) there is a place to indicate your sponsoring organizations (like businesses, schools, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, churches, etc.) and the amount they are paying (parents CAN be sponsors).

In the ‘for official use only’ section (lower part of page 2) there is a place for your high school counselor to sign indicating you meet the aforementioned requirements.

Once you have the form signed and sponsors in place, this form and the fees must be sent to the address listed in Wichita. In some cases your school or sponsor, may simply ask you to return the form to them and they will handle the fees and mailing issues.

Chances are you will be able to complete the registration process easily, but just so you know, here are the questions we are going to ask:

First name, last name, mailing address, city, state, zip, your e-mail address (critical, since virtually all information will come to you via email!), t-shirt size (adult), your date of birth, your cell phone, name of your parent or guardian and their contact information, religious preference (OPTIONAL), name of your hometown newspaper, name of your high school, medical conditions/concerns, and five short multiple answer questions about your current political beliefs (no right or wrong answers, just give us your honest opinion – your answers have no bearing on your acceptance into the program).

Again, virtually all subsequent information will come to you via the e-mail address you provide. It is important that you or your parents check this periodically for important information.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to print out this page for future reference.

Finally, if you have any questions e-mail the office.

If you wish to download a pdf version of the registration form and complete off-line, click one of the following options:

However, if you want to proceed with the on-line registration process, click here (opens external site).

(NOTE: With the PDF options, your information is not automatically placed in our database. If time is of the essence, choose the second option when it become active.)