Boys State 2018 – Week in Review

By Hunter Hotaling and Easton Anderlik

June 3, 2018: The beginning of Kansas Boys State began with a large assembly from the staff to get us pumped up for this week’s events. The beginning of un-balloted elections also began, with the introduction of the new and much talked about National Guard position. While some scrutiny was directed towards counties for unprofessionalism, it still served as a promising beginning to this year’s session.
June 4, 2018: The second day of Boys State started with the emergence of the infamous third party, The Liberty Party. That afternoon lead to three, instead of two, caucuses with each political party deciding who to represent their county in the state primaries. Other large events of the day involving operations included a Land Dispute in the District Attorney’s Office and a campaign for clean energy headed by staters Hap Waddell and Chris Simpkins.
June 5, 2018: A wave of lawsuits that would plague the Boys State of Kansas started on the third day, with a lawsuit being filed against the Federalist Party for their supposed “loyalty contract” to hinder the rise of the Liberty Party. Other issues rose such as mass unemployment in areas like MacArthur and Eisenhower County, who stated it was due to rising taxes across the state. The Departments of Humanities, Natural Resources, and Economy also faced scrutiny with the rumored gridlock from a bungled Powell grant. However, signs of positive government procedure came when the Parkland Bill, a policy to increase gun control, reached the House floor. Adding on to the very eventful afternoon, our governor Chayne Dessaso and his office were elected in the primaries that afternoon.
June 6, 2018: Possibly the biggest part of Wednesday’s operations was the long-awaited but eventually disappointing budget decision, where Governor Chayne Dessaso was shut down mid-meeting by counselors who claimed that budget was to be decided the next day. On top of this, a large lawsuit was brought to the District Attorney’s Office after an attorney from Eisenhower claimed he was unjustly arrested. More lighthearted news came with the large push for taxation on anime and the promotion of American fandom in Japanese culture. A natural disaster also occurred in King County when a certain Chuck Shoemaker released his piano mixtape; it had so much heat it set fire to the nearby chemical plant (That’s a good thing; it means the mixtape was good).
June 7, 2018: Yesterday wrapped up of a week’s worth of work with celebrations and other fun activities between operations. There was also a college fair on the second floor of Kramer that included schools from the Kansas area such as KU, Baker, K-State, and many more. On a more serious note, we had our Boys Nation Elections to see who will represent Kansas in Arlington next month. Although a budget was declared yesterday, many operations were still in gridlock due to the spate of lawsuits brought on in the days prior. The House passed an impeachment on Governor Chayne Desasso, and the case is now in the Senate to determine if the impeachment will go through. We hope all of our staters enjoyed their time at the Boys State of Kansas and hope to bring what you learned here and into your community.

– H.H. & E.A.

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