A Week That Changed My Life

Your Boys State Journey Begins Here

Tens of thousands of Kansas youth, like yourself, have chosen the Boys State experience and gone on to lead their communities at the local, state, and national level. The fact that you are viewing this site means you have demonstrated superb leadership qualities. This page provides the information to get started on your journey to becoming a Kansas Boys Stater.

Why attend Kansas Boys State?

One week of your summer can…

  • Distinguish you in the competition for college admissions and scholarships.
  • Expand your leadership and critical thinking skills that will help you throughout life.
  • Introduce you to some of the smartest, most motivated high school students in Kansas.
  • Establish lifelong friendships.

…when you attend the American Legion Boys State of Kansas.

What are some of the benefits?

  • The phrase “A week that changed my life” is not cliché. Boys State Alumni, and Parents strongly affirm this statement.

  • Attending Boys State is a distinct honor. Attending Boys State is a distinction that should be highlighted during the college application and scholarship process.

  • Boys State further expands leadership abilities. Delegates show they are among the most passionate leaders, learners, and citizens in the country.

  • Boys State fosters deep community. Delegates meet and connect with other youth with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many Boys State delegates meet their lifelong best friend.

  • Boys State is a great forum in which to expand your world views.

Attending the Kansas Boys State program is a must for every young man in the state. It provides a hands-on civics lesson, allowing participants to understand the democratic process by doing. The program gathers like-minded, intelligent individuals, fostering lasting connections and friendships. With the potential to meet influential people who can change one’s life, Boys State serves as a lifelong path of leadership. Alumni have gone on to achieve incredible things, making it a valuable investment in personal growth and civic responsibility.

The Kansas Boys State program offers a unique experiential approach to leadership education, emphasizing practical learning through role-playing civic exercises. Recognized by colleges and universities, Boys State graduates attract top-tier schools at the college fair, showcasing their advanced dedication.

Beyond the academic aspect, Boys State guarantees a fun and immersive experience, fostering lasting friendships and providing lifelong social and professional benefits. Delegates receive detailed information to prepare for the session, ensuring they make the most of the program.

Boys State serves as a condensed simulation of a lifetime of leadership challenges, offering a realistic experience in lawmaking, understanding taxes, and collaboration with political action organizations. By tackling complex issues through a major computer simulation, participants gain insights into the actions and consequences of leadership, contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals ready to take a stand for the betterment of society. The program encourages students to explore their political beliefs and leadership skills, challenging them to think critically and act responsibly in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Notable Kansas Boys State Alumni

  • John Carlin

    Kansas House of Representatives (1970-1978); Governor (1979 – 1987); National Archivist

  • Delano Lewis

    Former Ambassador to South Africa

  • Ajit Pai

    FCC Commission Chair (2017-2021)

  • Derek Schmidt

    Kansas State Senator (2001-2011) Kansas Attorney General (2011-2023); Kansas Boys State Governor (1985)

  • Josh Svaty

    Kansas House of Representatives (2003-2009), Kansas Secretary of Agriculture (2009-2011)

  • Steve Doocy

    Television host, political commentator, and author. Co-anchor, Fox & Friends (Fox News Channel)

  • Scott Schwab

    Kansas Secretary of State (2022), Kansas House of Representatives 2003-2007, 2009-2019)

  • David Adkins

    Executive Director/CEO The Council of State Governments; Kansas House of Representatives (1992-2000), Kansas Senate (2000-2004): Kansas Boys State Governor (1978)


Applicants must have completed his sophomore or junior year in High School or Home School.

It is possible to repeat the program if the applicant attended after their sophomore year. You cannot attend Boys State if you do not attend by the conclusion of your junior year of high school.

Program Dates

Program dates for 2025 are June 1 to 7 at Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas. Applicants should plan to attend the full session for the greatest experience. Extenuating circumstances may allow for a late arrival or early departure.

Applying to Kansas Boys State

  • The Process

    Applicants to Kansas Boys State must be eligible and meet the qualifications of the program, complete an online application, and obtain a sponsor.

  • Qualifications

    Young men who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and citizenship are best suited for Kansas Boys State. Students who excel in Civics, Government, American History, and Political Science courses perform well in our program, but applicants can come from all areas of study and perform well.

  • Next Steps

    After reviewing the application, the applicant will be notified of their acceptance in writing.

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