Is there a limit to the number of people my high school can send to Boys State?

No, there is no limit per school. Schools should encourage all eligible Sophomore and Junior males to consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What are the dates of the 2024 session?

The 2025 session of Kansas Boys State will be June 1-7, 2025 at Kansas State University in Manhattan

Who is eligible to attend?

For 2024, sophomores and juniors will be eligible to attend Kansas Boys State. These classifications are based on the 2023-2024 school year.

Who do I contact for special arrangements I may need for my student?

Please contact our office to set up special arrangements for your student. (785) 550-6492

Where is the location of the summer event?

Goodnow Hall

Located in: Kansas State University

Address1825 Claflin Rd, Manhattan, KS 66506

When does check-in occur?

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 2nd. Eat lunch BEFORE you check-in! Your first meeting with fellow delegates is at 11:15 a.m.

When does the program end?

Saturday, June 8th following the closing ceremonies.

What kinds of clothes should I bring?

First, of all, bring enough clean clothes to last one week without laundry. Bring a light jacket in case of rain or cool weather. For the day’s activities, you will want to wear comfortable clothes — shorts, T-shirts, jeans, whatever you like. You will receive two Boys State T-shirts at registration which are provided as part of your fees. For recreation, you will want to bring shorts, T-shirts, athletic shoes and personal equipment like softball gloves, tennis racquet, etc. For the formal ceremonies you will attend, you will wear your Stater T-shirt.

If I drive to Boys State, is there a place where I can park my car?

Yes. The parking lot is near the residence halls and will be patrolled by campus police. It is also under video surveillance. However, you will NOT have access to your car during the week. A form will be emailed to request a parking permit. We will provide you with this permit at check-in. You will not need to pay anything for that permit.

When is the first meal?

Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. Sunday for delegates and counselors. We suggest that you eat lunch BEFORE you check-in at KSU.

What will I need to do if I must leave early?

In general, we discourage leaving early for any reason, family emergencies excluded. However, if you must leave early, all arrangements must be made PRIOR to registration. A link to a form will be sent out before the start of the week.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may have to arrive after the registration line is closed. What should I do?

As soon as you know you will be arriving late, contact the Boys State office at (785) 550-6492 and let us know. Or you can email our main office.

What types of sports will be offered during the week?

Daily Organized sports activities, such as basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, soccer, a two-mile run and arm wrestling, will be offered at the KSU student recreation center. Basic equipment is provided, but bring shoes and other personal equipment needed to participate.

Can I leave campus during the week?

No. With hundreds of delegates and counselors, we restrict off campus travel to emergencies and prearranged events.

How much “REAL” money do I need to bring?

We suggest no more than $50. All your meals are covered. The extra money would be used for snacks at the candy and pop machines in the residence halls and for any souvenirs you might want to purchase (i.e., jackets, shirts, cups, etc.) as well as gas to and from the program if you are driving. Debit and Credit cards are also accepted in many locations. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or money.

My friends and I are coming to Boys State. What are the chances of us rooming together?

Hopefully little. One of the major benefits of the program is the chance to meet at least 50 people on your residence hall floor whom you don’t know. The room assignments are based on a sophisticated computer algorithm.

I am diabetic. Is that a problem?

No. We have a great medical staff at Boys State and provisions will be made for you to keep any medications you need.

I assume alcohol and drug use are not allowed at Boys State.

A good assumption. But in case you were wondering, if you are caught in possession of, or using alcohol or drugs, you will be sent home immediately. We will contact your sponsor and high school and explain to them why you are being sent home and why their fees will not be refunded.

There is no American Legion in my hometown. Whom should I contact for sponsorship?

While Boys State is a program of the American Legion, many other civic organizations sponsor delegates like Eagles, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, high schools and others. If you have trouble finding a local sponsor to pay the FULL amount, you may use more than one sponsor to help defray the costs or your parents may help to sponsor part of, or all your costs. If you still have trouble finding sponsors, email our main office. Leave your full name, address, and phone number

How does the “economic” part of Boys State work?

At Boys State you start out with a bank account, and you are assigned a fictitious job (however, some people are unemployed). You “work” at a job depending on your area of residence at Boys State (did I say this has nothing to do with where you actually live in Kansas). You receive wages for your work, however, you will need to solicit funds for your campaign from other delegates and from political action committees which we call associations.

What will I do if I don’t get elected to an office?

If you are not elected to an office, you will be appointed to a government department (i.e., Department of Energy, Wildlife and Parks, etc.). It is in your interest to pursue an office you would like because it will occupy most of your time during the session.

If I am elected to an office, may I resign it to take another office?

On Sunday, all delegates will be elected to a position. Anyone who is interested in running for a state office will have the chance to declare their interest on Monday. If you are elected to a state office, you will then have to resign your original elected position.

What happens on an average day at Boys State?

To begin with, there really isn’t an “average” day at Boys State. Each day has its own unique format.

Sunday – Arrival. Orientation, Opening Ceremonies/Keynote Speaker. Establishing cities and counties, Legislature sets up leadership and committees, political party organization begins.

Monday – Boys State Operations begin; city and county organization continues, City Mayor swearing in, party caucuses.

Tuesday – Governor Debate, candidate campaigns, and general election results announced.

Wednesday – State officials begin their duties, budget hearings, Flag Retirement Ceremony, Band, Chorus, and Talent Show.

Thursday – Hearings and state budget debates. College & Career Fair. Keynote Speaker.

Friday – Conclude Boys State Operations. Evening Celebration at the KSU Union.

Saturday – Final city and county meeting. Closing ceremonies. Return home.

Now, that’s a simplistic overview, but basically each morning and early afternoon you will role-play your position (be it elected or appointed). Mid-afternoon we break for athletics at the KSU sports complex. After dinner various guest speakers make presentations and other special entertainment activities take place. Lights are generally out around 11 p.m.