Approximately 410 young men from across the State of Kansas, all of whom will enter their senior year of high school this fall, are participating in the 2019 session of the American Legion Boys State of Kansas Leadership Academy. The event, in its 82nd year, started Sunday (June 2) and concludes Friday, June 7, at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

The following delegates to the ALBSKLA were elected last night (June 3) during party caucuses as the candidates for state offices. The governor candidates will face-off in a debate and other state office candidates will begin campaigns this afternoon, both starting at 1 p.m. Immediately following the debate and campaigns, the general election will take place. Results from the general election will be announced tonight at 7 p.m. in the Boys State of Kansas Assembly Area (Marlatt Hall parking lot [northeast of building on Claflin Road]). NOTE – Members of the media and the public are invited to attend the debate and the announcement of the winners.

(Name, City of Residence; High School – all cities/high schools in Kansas, unless noted)


NOTE: The governor and lieutenant governor run on the same ticket.





The ALBSKLA provides a relevant, interactive, problem-solving experience in leadership and teamwork that develops self-identity, promotes mutual respect and instills civic responsibility. Boys State is a “learning by doing” political exercise that simulates elections, political parties and government at the state, county and local levels, providing opportunities to lead under pressure, showcasing character and working effectively within a team. It’s also an opportunity to gain pride and respect for government and the price paid by members of the military to preserve democracy.

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The American Legion Boys State of Kansas Leadership Academy is an interactive simulation that teaches high school seniors-to-be the value of democracy and civic duty. Participants form mock governments and campaign for positions at the city, county and state levels. After the elections, participants find out firsthand the difficult decisions made daily by those in government through a series of challenging simulations. Delegates, nominated to attend by their high school counselors and other influential people in their lives, are sponsored by American Legion posts and various civic organizations from across the state. All delegates demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in student government, athletics and/or other activities.

The Boys State program was founded by Legionnaires Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card in Illinois in 1935, and was first held in Kansas two years later in Wichita. The Kansas program moved to the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 1963 and remained there until 1991. The following year, it moved to its current location at Kansas State University in Manhattan. For more information about the American Legion Boys State of Kansas Leadership Academy, visit or