College Course Opportunity

What is the course?

Introduction to Political Science (POLSC 110).  This course will build on the applied learning that Boys State participants will have experienced and introduce them to broader aspects about Political Science. 

Who will be teaching this course?

Dr. Nathaniel Birkhead, an award-winning teacher, University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, and Head of the Political Science Department. 

How will the course be structured? Are there set meeting times or attendance requirements?

The course is designed to be very flexible.  It’s taught asynchronously online, so each week Dr. Birkhead will post a few short lecture videos that they need to watch at a time that works well for them, but there are no set class meeting times. Similarly, there are assigned readings but again, students can do these at a time that works best for them.

During the week, students will have some prompts to respond to in a discussion board, and at the end of the week, they will have an assignment to turn in (typically on a Sunday night). 

When will the course be offered?

One session of the course will be offered in June (June 3-28)and another will be offered in July (July 1-26). 

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, we will be using a free-open source textbook!

Will people be available to assist during the session?

Yes, Professor Birkhead will be available via email andZoom, as will a graduate student TA

How do I register for the course?

Students must complete an online Application for Admission. Students must choose the Pre-College Enrollment. This application is free for pre-college enrollment. The application contains an embedded enrollment form to request classes for the summer. Register for either POLSC 110-B (June session) or POLSC 110-C (July session).

Parents/guardians and counselors will receive an email to provide their digital approvals. Students need to follow up with their parent/guardian and counselor to make sure they approvals are completed by checking their application status.

How much does the course cost?

Rather than the traditional cost of $435/credit hour ($1,305 for the course), this course is offered at a discounted rate: $122/credit hour ($366 for the course)

My son has not made up his mind where he goes to college, will this course transfer outside of K-State?

Yes, while we’d obviously love them to all attend K-State for college, Introduction to Political Science is part of the Kansas Board of Regents Statewide Transfer list, so the credits earned here at K-State will help them with their degree here, but can be transferred to any other in-state institution.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Dr. Birkhead (K-State):

Rex Gardner (Boys State):

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