Cities and Counties

What can a city council or county commission do?

  • Pass city ordinances or county resolutions. These are essentially either actions (such a building a road) or laws that regulate your locality. Your counselor can help you locate and print the ordinance and resolution forms.
  • Work with other city councils or county commissions to make progress on widespread issues.
  • Hire and fire city officials
  • Lobby state legislator or work with the executive departments.
  • Build roads, schools, hospitals, etc.  You may need to rezone city or county land to do this!
  • Meet with your constituents to listen to their needs or ideas for the future of your locality.
  • Finally, you have daily data about your city or county regarding the economy, unemployment data, and so much more! Your counselor can help you locate these reports each day so that you have the most up to date information when leading your city or county


Below are the briefings provided to the city council for various areas of development. As a city council you must use the information to determine the specific issues your city faces (or does not face) and then develop actionable experiments to address the challenges you identify.