Beginning to Draft Legislation

Project Overview/Background:

As freshmen members of the Legislature, you play an integral role in lawmaking and forming the narrative of Boys State. As a member of the House or Senate you can propose, debate and pass pieces of legislation, or bills, which influences all citizens of Boys State. Legislation can cover a wide variety of issues, from schooling to healthcare, commerce to transportation, etc.

Bills can be very specific in nature, or cover issues spanning the state. Boys State is a blank slate, with immense flexibility and potential. Committing your time, energy and passion will bring positive change to Boys State, and moreover, it will bring positive change all the way down to your county and city. You have a golden opportunity. But you must seek out and seize the opportunity.

Review the Kansas Boys State and United States Constitutions, ponder the impacts your proposed legislation and legislative priorities will have on your constituents as well as in the courts, and acknowledge that Supreme Court decisions can impact proposed legislation.

Your Tasks/Requirements:

    • Brainstorm as a leadership group
    • Set your Goals for the entire week (Remember: Long-term)
    • Set your objectives for each day
    • Present your goals to the rest of the governing body
    • Re-visit each objective everyday
    • Set new objectives as needed as situation changes
    • Have a discussion with each project and determine if it aligns with your constituents goals