Goals & Objectives

Project Overview/Background: 

Congratulations on your election to your legislative leadership position! One of your first things to do as the leaders of this legislative body is to set your long term (for the week) goals and objectives for your your body. Goals and objective provide organizations with a blueprint that determines a course of action and will guide you in your actions to day for a success tomorrow. A goal is a statement describing and defining what your organization wishes to accomplish. Often goals focus on the long term and are general. For example, the Boys State Bank might say it has a goal of growing its customer base by 15% per year or Boys’ State University wants to decrease class sizes by 6.5% each year until there are approx. 25 students per class. Try to think of each goal as a large umbrella with several spokes coming from the center. The umbrella itself is a goal. An objective, on the other hand, is a description of exactly what is to be done, derived from the goals. They are precise, time-based, measurable actions that support the completion of the goal. Remember to make them SMART: 
Specific – What, Where, How? 
Measurable – How do you know you were successful? Is there a feedback loop? 
Assignable – Who is responsible?
Realistic – Is this actually feasible?
Time-Based – When?

Apply the umbrella analogy and think of each spoke as an objective. Using the Boys’ State University example – in support of the lower class sizes, one objective might be “to hire 5 new teachers every year for the next 3 years.” Without specific objectives, the general goal could not be accomplished – Just as an umbrella could not open or close without the spokes. Importantly, goals and objectives become less useful when they are unrealistic or ignored. Remember as an elected official and leader things will constantly change. Each decision you make should align with your goals and objectives and those of your constituents as well. As you get presented with other issues and opportunities keep in mind the goals you set and campaign promises you made for the week as you make decisions. 

Your Task/Requirements:

  1. Review the Kansas Boys State and United State Constitutions
  2. Review Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Learn about the guidelines for bill proposal, debate, and passage.
  4. Elect Legislature Leadership
  5. Identify the goals and needs of Boys State and organize into Committees to address those needs.
  6. Prepare a statement for the citizens of Boys State on the legislative priorities of your respective body.
  7. Begin the Bill proposal process in Committee, and if passed, move to the floor for debate and amendment.
  8. If passed, the Bill will continue in the process and possibly to the Governor.