Media and Local Government

Project Overview/Background:

The influence of the media on local government can be very large. As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” For this you need to consider that power. You need to be careful not to allow your bias to sway local politicians. As a reporter, you need to report fairly and down the middle.

Essential Questions

  • What role do the media play in determining the direction of local government?
  • Who decides what direction local government should go? (The media, elected officials or the citizens? Who should decide?)

Critical Engagement Questions

  • How do the media influence local government?
  • How are the main local issues determined? Is there a process? Who controls it?
  • Do the media create development of issues?
  • To what extent is local government dependent on a well-informed populace?
  • What part should the media play in developing local government policies?
  • Should the media be involved in directing or just covering local government policy?
  • Are polls used? Does the media make use of them? Who was their sampling group?

Your Task/Requirements:

Report on the government happenings at State. Keep the Essential Questions and the Critical Engagement Questions in mind as you do so. Use those questions as fodder for your report.