Political Cartoons and Satire News

Project Overview/Background

Political cartoons and satire news articles can bring attention to an issue. Both can use symbolism to persuade the reader or viewer to see something differently.

Your Task/Requirements

For this project investigate and research what is going on within the politics at Boys State. Does something not make sense or does some issue need attention? Discuss how we can use political cartoons or satire new to address this issue. Create a political cartoon or write a satire news article.


U.S. News and World Report Political Cartoons Link: https://www.usnews.com/cartoons


  • Any articles written must be labeled satire in the title.
  • Staters union is limited to one article a day and one cartoon a day.
  • KSBS News is limited to one segment the entire week of satire news.
  • Find someone good with drawing for cartoons.
  • All satire news articles or cartoons MUST be approved by the counselor.