• Governor’s Proposed Budget

    • FY2023 Proposed Budget —- REFERENCE ONLY
    • FY2023 Approved Budget
    • Once the governor is elected, his first task to submit his proposed budget to the legislature. Cities, counties, departments, and PACs can then present testimony at joint committee hearings in order to push for changes in the budget. To propose changes to this budget, simply open the document, make changes to it in the window, and then print the pages that have been affected.


      State Budget Testimony

      • After the governor presents his proposed budget, the legislature will hold public hearings on the budget. Departments will present the details of the Governor’s budget proposal. Counties will offer testimony in support of budget proposals which benefit their interests. Joint committees will then form their own proposals for the budget and offer them to the body as a whole.
      • Download the project specific to your group
        1. Joint Committees
        2. Calendar Committee

      Final Budget

      • Eventually, the legislature and the governor agree on the final budget for Boys State.
        • Please get this to the Media or IT Coordinator so it can be posted online.