Daily Evaluation FAQ

Q: What is the Daily Evaluation Form (DEF)?

A:  The Daily Evaluation Form is a systematic answer to a question that’s been around KSBS for quite awhile; How are we, as counselors, supposed to know how good/average/poor our performance is during the week?  The DEF is designed to give daily, constructive feedback for ALL blue shirt counselors on staff.

Q: What are the basic rating principles of the DEF?

A: The DEF uses 4 basic metrics to determine effectivity: Accountability, Engagement, Judgement, and Leadership. Five rating principles, adapted from UC Berkeley Human Resources, are used to determine the effectiveness of each metric.

• Level 5 – Exceptional Performance far exceeded expectations due to exceptionally high quality of work performed in all essential areas of responsibility, resulting in an overall quality of work that was superior. This rating is achievable by a counselor, though given infrequently.

• Level 4 – Exceeds Expectations Performance consistently exceeded expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, and the quality of work overall was excellent.

• Level 3 – Meets Expectations Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, at times possibly exceeding expectations, and the quality of work overall was very good. The majority of counselors will fall into this category of effectiveness.

• Level 2 – Improvement Needed Performance did not consistently meet expectations – performance failed to meet expectations in one or more essential areas of responsibility. If this level of effectiveness continues, a meeting with the appropriate Hall Coordinator will be arranged.

• Level 1 – Unsatisfactory Performance was consistently below expectations in most essential areas of responsibility. Significant improvement is needed in one or more important areas. Receiving even one of these ratings will require a meeting with the appropriate Hall Coordinator.

Q: Who is supposed to fill out a Daily Evaluation Form?

A: All Mid and Upper Level staff are required to fill our a DEF. This includes: • Hall Coordinators • Head Government Counselor • County Counselors • Head of Legislature, PACS, Departments & Media

Q: When do I fill out a DEF?

A: There is a 30-minute chunk of time allotted for all DEFs to be completed at the end of the day, every day. This is time is always highlighted in grey on the schedule.

Q: What’s the process of going over a DEF with an evaluatee?

A: The process is straightforward and simple. Follow these steps: 

1.) You can choose to either a. Fill out the DEF for a certain counselor in private BEFORE submitting the form, and then call them in to go over it with them or b. Fill out the DEF with the counselor present. Choose whichever method works best for your style. 

2.) Repeat for each counselor on your staff.

Q: My counselor on my staff has: completed a task poorly/talked to a stater in a manner inconsistent with our message/done something in bad taste. Do I need to wait until the DEF period to notate the behavior?

A: Absolutely not. If there is a problem, correct it immediately. If you need help, do not hesitate to follow the chain of command for additional assistance. The DEF is NOT intended to replace immediate feedback that, most times, is very helpful!

Q: My counselor keeps giving me feedback on the DEF that I feel is inconsistent with my performance. Who do I talk to about that?

A:  Follow the chain of command.  We are all learning through this process, so it’s not impossible for your supervising counselor to miss something or forget to mention positive feedback.  As we’re all on the same team, work together with your counselor staff to come up with proactive ways to solve the issue.